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PPC vs. SEO: Head to Head

In today's world, you have undoubtedly heard of SEO and PPC. The terms are unavoidable in our digitally, Internet-focused world. Everywhere you turn, there's a new article detailing new SEO strategies and exploring how PPC will enhance your overall web strategy. We won't lie: it can be confusing. Step one to successfully using SEO and PPC in your marketing efforts is to understand the similarities and differences between the two.  Read More

Why Relationship Marketing?

Have you ever considered why your customers or clients stick around or keep coming back? It’s because you’ve invested energy and time in building a relationship with them – and the personal touches you’ve added to your marketing efforts along the way have resulted in a long-term relationship.
  Read More

2018 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Increase Brand Awareness

In today’s mobile age, reaching potential clients is now easier than ever, but you’re also facing the constant challenge of excess noise with the endless amount of content being served at any given time. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and brands that don’t evolve with it will no doubt get left behind. So, how will you stand out from the crowd and do it better in 2018?   Read More

The Strategy of Strategy

The day after Halloween, I opened my computer to find something staring me in the face: November 1, 2017. That was on my desktop as I started my day, and I said to myself, “I can’t believe it’s NOVEMBER, and soon it will be 2018!” As usual, that was followed by, “Where did the year go?!?”  Read More

In Times of Crisis, Strategy is Key

Bright lights. Bold risks. Big news.  Read More


Everything I Know I Learned at 21

Earlier this year, I stood in front of my entire team; a handpicked, strong team of talented and dedicated individuals. As the agency turned 21, we talked about goals for the company and brainstormed how to make 2017 the best year we've had yet. As I looked around the room at the faces I had gathered, I knew there was no better team I wanted to travel this journey with.  Read More

Looking Ahead: Planning for 2016

What a year it has been! 2015 has been one for the books for me, personally and professionally, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.  Read More

The Stepchild of the Business Development Puzzle

There’s so much information available about business development—books, seminars, personal coaching, online solutions, companies that business develop for you, and on and on. You’ve probably tried multiple things, with both successes and failures. Here are some thoughts in working with many, many companies and individuals in my 22 working years.  Read More

Generational Marketing: It’s All About Convenience

The Internet has dramatically changed the way businesses communicate with their target audiences. As new social networks continue to pop up, businesses must actively stay on top of their game to not be left in the dust. With this considered, businesses must recognize that the Internet is not a cover-all strategy; it is just as important to include a variety of other marketing tactics into the marketing mix.  Read More

Six CIMple Steps to Success

Have you ever wondered what would be the benefit of hiring CIM Marketing Partners to manage your company’s marketing, messaging and PR? We are proud to say it’s our Results-Driven Marketing Process™ that sets us apart! Each year, we repeat six brand building and value-based steps, which ensure that we understand our clients’ companies and the industries in which they operate, and that their marketing goals make sense. The process not only takes ideas from theory to implementation, it also ensures that action items and tactics make sense for your business today and are feasible and necessary for your business future.  Read More

What's Old is New Again

Since early October, we’ve been actively building our clients’ 2015 strategic marketing plans. It’s quite a process, but one that is useful in so many ways. In this prior blog post, see some of the benefits of having an overall strategy and plan in place for the entire upcoming year.  Read More

LinkedIn In A Hurry

Silly question; of course, you’re busy. Most of our clients come to us looking for marketing partners that can elevate the visibility of their business, allowing us to take daily marketing tasks off of their plates. We understand exactly how important your time is.  Read More

Holiday Gifts and Cards? The Time to Act is Now!

You’re probably already feeling swooped up in the rush of planning for all that the last two months of the year will bring. Well, let’s add one or two more things to your Things to Do List, and take them off just as quickly. We’ll use the Who, What, When, Where and Why process.  Read More

The 2015 Planning Window of Opportunity is Upon You

Summer’s gone. School has started. Cooler temps are on the way. Thanksgiving is around the corner. December will be all filled up with holiday activities. That makes now the perfect time to prepare for and lock in an effective 2015 strategic marketing plan and budget.  Read More

A Salute to Our Troops

My entire career has evolved around marketing and advertising, and I must say, I have produced, scripted and watched 100’s if not 1000’s of commercials; this is one of the very best I have ever seen! Before you watch it, let me explain why I think this is so well done.  Read More

Constructing Your Content Marketing

As a full service marketing firm, CIM Marketing Partners has built our fair share of corporate websites. A question that always comes up in the planning process is, “Should we add a blog?” The answer? That depends on a few factors. Blogs die every day because of lack of commitment or passion, two integral factors in the success of content marketing. A content marketing strategy is essential to ensure the longevity and success of a blog.   Read More

The Hollywood Remake, the Everyday Company Way

We see it every day: the revamp, refresh, reimagine or relaunch of movies and TV shows from 10, 20 and 30+ years ago. Oftentimes, these new versions are met with protests from a fan base unwilling to allow the update or alteration of the classic worlds and beloved characters the fans have come to know. Similarly, refreshing a corporate brand, while necessary from time to time, may bring resistance and protest from supporters, both internal and external. Using Hollywood as our guide, let’s go through a few tips to ensure a smooth brand revamp.  Read More

Don’t Let Analysis Paralysis Take Over Your Marketing

Do we need some PR? Someone asked me why she couldn’t find us on Facebook. I feel like we’re being left behind in social media. Should we do that sponsorship? Maybe we should do something. Maybe we need a plan. It’s time to move the dial on our business plan…wait, we haven’t updated “the plan” since 2009. The New Year may be a good time to start. Let’s set a meeting to talk about our marketing.  Read More

The Tale of Two Marketing Committees

Committees. Depending on your experience with one, you may think they’re great, or maybe a total waste of time. In a nutshell, some get results, some don’t. Here’s the tale of two types of committees. Both are real examples spanning years.  Read More

Google Launches Domain Name Registration Services

In late June, Google announced that it would begin providing domain name registration services.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it will impact the big players like GoDaddy, Network Solutions and 1&1, to name a few. How so?  Read More

Don’t Be a Focus Group of One

One valuable method of research is a focus group. While the purposes, processes and information collected varies per project, very generally, a focus group follows along these lines: A small group of specially-chosen people (perhaps 10) is assembled in a conference room to answer questions and have discussion about a company or organization and its products or services (existing or potential). Topics may include how they feel about the brand or a product, what may make them purchase, what they like or don’t like, etc. A professional facilitator leads the group discussion and keeps everyone on track, while carefully worded, non-leading questions are posed. The 60- or 90-minute session should lead to a bounty of information that can be used to help formulate, guide and steer marketing strategy and operations moving forward.  Depending on the scope of the company or its operations, several focus groups may be performed, possibly in multiple markets and on an ongoing basis to track consumer changes.  Read More

Right-fit Marketing for Business Success

Every single day, we in the marketing and public relations field are inundated with “the next best thing,” the new opportunity, the new platform, the new service, the new best way to do whatever. Our job is to keep up with all the opportunities, educate and train ourselves to their potential benefits, drawbacks and costs, and then ultimately match opportunities to our clients’ needs—their business needs, their sales goals, their brand models, etc., all while doing so in the context of each client’s specific strategic plan and budget.  Read More

Social Media: What Is a Business to Do?

It’s everywhere. Articles, blogs, websites, service providers…all compelling businesses to “do” social media. Your competition is doing it. Maybe you’re doing it.  Read More

Anyone Can Do Marketing

Say, what?

“Anyone can do marketing.” Yes, it’s true. Anyone can do marketing. Problem is, being able to “do it” doesn’t equate to being able to do it well Read More

5 Things to Consider when Hiring an Agency

You have been limping along and trying to do marketing and public relations in house with little to no results?   Read More